Jéssica Rosset Ferreira

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Repeated blocks in the TaALMT1 promoter as well as a transposon insertion in the TaMATE1B upstream region have been correlated with the level of gene expression, organic acid efflux, and ultimately aluminum (Al3+) resistance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). In this study, we investigated the allelic polymorphism related to the TaALMT1 and TaMATE1B promoter(More)
The barley HvAACT1 gene codes for a citrate transporter associated with tolerance to acidic soil. In this report, we describe a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the HvAACT1 coding region that was detected as T-1,198 (in genotypes with lower root growth on acidic soil) or G-1,198 (greater root growth) and resulted in a single amino acid change(More)
Wheat blast, caused by Magnaporthe oryzae (Triticum haplotype - MoT), is an important disease of wheat in Brazil. In this study, we designed 38 new SSR markers based on the genome sequence of different MoT isolates, compared the informativeness of those markers with other 52 from the literature and mapped the polymorphic ones. Among the 90 SSR markers, 53(More)
Barley is a major cereal grown widely and used in several food products, beverage production and animal fodder. Genetic diversity is a key component in breeding programs. We have analyzed the genetic diversity of barley accessions using microsatellite markers. The accessions were composed of wild and domesticated barley representing genotypes from six(More)
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