Jérome Vicente

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Philippe Guillemant Jérôme Vicente Institut Universitaire des Systèmes Thermiques Industriels CNRS UMR 139 Marseilles, France Abstract. Automatic forest fire detection with CCD cameras requires a landscape image analysis in two stages: first the tracking of local dynamic envelopes of pixels, and second the discrimination between the various natural(More)
The paper develops an evolutionary framework of regional resilience with a primary focus on the structural properties of local knowledge networks. After a presentation of the network-based rationales of growth and structuring of clusters, we analyze under which structural conditions a regional cluster can mix short run competitiveness without compromising(More)
One of the most convincing explanations papers generally provide concerning clusters in knowledge-based economies refers to the geographically bounded dimension of knowledge spillovers. Here, we shall underline that location decision externalities precede local knowledge spillovers in the explanation of cluster aggregate efficiency, which thus requires us(More)
Ceramic foam materials are commonly used for various applications, including catalyst supports or solar receivers. SiC foams are good candidates for the latter application as solar receivers. Its efficiency is directly related to the geometry, which can be evidenced by X-ray microtomography, and optical properties of the receiver. A promising route to add(More)
This paper presents the software iMorph developed in our laboratoryin order to perform geometrical measurements on porous media from 3D images (!CT, MRI...). The different morphological and segmentation methods originally developed for metallic foam [1] have been extended to cellular materials. We present here a study performed on a large panel of different(More)
the striking variety of the knowledge processes that are described in EURODITE TKDs need to be classified according to the identification of a limited set of regional patterns that typify their features. Among these key parameters, the papers focuses on the balance and the trade-off between proximity and distant relations, with for our concern, a particular(More)
This work presents a series of three-dimensional computational methods with the objective of analyzing and quantifying some important structural characteristics in a collection of low-density polyolefin-based foams. First, the solid phase tortuosity, local thickness, and surface curvature, have been determined over the solid phase of the foam. These(More)
OBJECTIVES In previous work, we showed that a rigid larynx-like geometry can generate a sound by itself. However, very little is known about the exact mechanisms and control of the larynx during the first cry of life. The goal of this work was to understand how the very first cry is generated. METHODS Simultaneous high-speed imaging and sound recording on(More)