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XML has become an important medium for data representation, particularly when that data is exchanged over or browsed on the Internet. As the volume of XML data increases, there is a growing interest in storing XML in relational databases so that the well-developed features of these systems (e.g., concurrency control, crash recovery, query processors) can be(More)
Due to the development of the World Wide Web, the integration of heterogeneous data sources has become a major concern of the database community. Appropriate architectures and query languages have been proposed. Yet, the problem of data conversion which is essential for the development of mediators/wrappers architectures has remained largely unexplored. In(More)
We consider the problem of storing and ac-cessing documents (SGML and HTML, in particular) using database technology. To specify the database image of documents, we use structuring schemas that consist in grammars annotated with database programs. To query documents, we introduce an extension of OQL, the ODMG standard query language for object databases.(More)
XQuery is not only useful to query XML in databases, but also to applications that must process XML documents as files or streams. These applications suffer from the limitations of current main-memory XQuery processors which break for rather small documents. In this paper we propose techniques, based on a notion of projection for XML, which can be used to(More)
The World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) promotes XML and related standards, including XML Schema, XQuery, and XPath. This paper describes a formalization of XML Schema. A formal semantics based on these ideas is part of the official XQuery and XPath specification, one of the first uses of formal methods by a standards body. XML Schema features both named and(More)
Galax is a lightweight , portable, open-source implementation of XQuery 1.0. Started in Decem-ber 2000 as a small prototype designed to test the XQuery static type system, Galax has now become a solid implementation, aiming at full conformance with the family of XQuery 1.0 specifications. Because of its completeness and open architecture , Galax also turns(More)