Jérôme Rousselot

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A potentially useful method to monitor respiratory mechanics in artificially ventilated patients consists of analyzing the relationship between tracheal pressure (P), lung volume (V), and gas flow (V) by multiple linear regression (MLR) using a suitable model. Contrary to other methods, it does not require any particular flow waveform and, therefore, may be(More)
The use of wireless sensor networks is rapidly growing in various types of applications that benefit from spatially distributed data collection. Some of these applications, such as industrial automation, fire detection or health monitoring, have strong timeliness constraints. Since field deployments are difficult to monitor and debug, the development of(More)
The IEEE 802.15.4 standard is gaining momentum in the field of wireless sensor networks. The IEEE 802.15.4A draft specification proposes an impulse radio Ultra Wide Band physical layer This technology aims at being robust against multipath propagation and multi user interference. In the context of body area networks, the impact of multi user interference(More)
This poster presents an innovative dual-mode medium access control scheme that combines the ultra low power MAC protocol WiseMAC with the wireless sensor networking standard IEEE 802.15.4. Each network device can independently and autonomously switch between the two modes depending on its residual energy resources and the current application traffic. We(More)