Jérôme R E Del Castillo

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In the context of translational research, there is growing interest in studying surgical orthopedic pain management approaches that are common to humans and dogs. The validity of postoperative pain assessment methods is uncertain with regards to responsiveness and the potential interference of analgesia. The hypothesis was that video analysis (as a(More)
For many years Canis familiaris, the domestic dog, has drawn particular interest as a model of osteoarthritis (OA). Here, we optimized the dog model of experimental OA induced by cranial cruciate ligament sectioning. The usefulness of noninvasive complementary outcome measures, such as gait analysis for the limb function and magnetic resonance imaging for(More)
Adrenaline is known to prolong the duration of local anesthesia but its effects on the pharmacokinetic processes of local anesthetic drugs are not fully understood. Our objective was to develop a compartmental model for quantification of adrenaline's impact on the pharmacokinetics of perineurally-injected lidocaine in the dog. Dogs were subjected to(More)
Evaluation of nociceptive sensitisation in canine osteoarthritis studies has been poorly reported, or even related to other clinical symptoms. In 16 dogs, peak vertical force (PVF), subjective pain assessment using 3 scales, sympathetic stress response with electrodermal activity (EDA) measurement, and behavioural changes with video analysis and telemetered(More)
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