Jérôme Morchain

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Shear-flow induced spore detachment was performed under well-controlled laminar flow conditions, in a specially-designed shear stress flow chamber. By comparing detachment profiles of a panel of four strains, belonging to the B. cereus group (B. cereus and B. thuringiensis) and to less related Bacillus species (B. pumilus), it was shown that the spore(More)
In their natural environment, the structure and functioning of microbial communities from river phototrophic biofilms are driven by biotic and abiotic factors. An understanding of the mechanisms that mediate the community structure, its dynamics and the biological succession processes during phototrophic biofilm development can be gained using(More)
This paper deals with the scaling of aeration devices, and more specifically hydro-ejectors, in the case of heterogeneous aeration. Because the transfer of oxygen only occurs in a very small part of the volume of the treatment basin, the transfer performance of the aerator depends on the device itself and on the surrounding flow characteristics. First(More)
Batch cultures of Lactococcus lactis NCDO 2118 and IL 1403 were performed in a Couette bioreactor operated in the modulated wavy vortex flow and the turbulent regimes. This study provides an overall analysis taking into account both mechanical stress and mixing in a Couette bioreactor. A unique phenotypic aspect has been proved to occur only in the(More)
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