Jérôme Montfort

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Vertebrate evolution has been shaped by several rounds of whole-genome duplications (WGDs) that are often suggested to be associated with adaptive radiations and evolutionary innovations. Due to an additional round of WGD, the rainbow trout genome offers a unique opportunity to investigate the early evolutionary fate of a duplicated vertebrate genome. Here(More)
Recovery growth is a phase of rapid growth that is triggered by adequate refeeding of animals following a period of weight loss caused by starvation. In this study, to obtain more information on the system-wide integration of recovery growth in muscle, we undertook a time-course analysis of transcript expression in trout subjected to a food(More)
Oogenesis is a complex process requiring the coordinated sequential expression of specific genes and ultimately leading to the release of the female gamete from the ovary. In the present study we aimed to investigate the contribution of miRNAs to the regulation of this key biological process in teleosts using a model in which growing oocytes develop(More)
BACKGROUND The hormonal control of oocyte maturation and ovulation as well as the molecular mechanisms of nuclear maturation have been thoroughly studied in fish. In contrast, the other molecular events occurring in the ovary during post-vitellogenesis have received far less attention. METHODS Nylon microarrays displaying 9152 rainbow trout cDNAs were(More)
Different diagnostic and prognostic groups of colorectal carcinoma (CRC) have been defined. However, accurate diagnosis and prediction of survival are sometimes difficult. Gene expression profiling might improve these classifications and bring new insights into underlying molecular mechanisms. We profiled 50 cancerous and noncancerous colon tissues using(More)
Propionibacterium freudenreichii is a food grade bacterium consumed both in cheeses and in probiotic preparations. Its promising probiotic potential, relying largely on the active release of beneficial metabolites within the gut as well as the expression of key surface proteins involved in immunomodulation, deserves to be explored more deeply. Adaptation to(More)
Spermatogenesis is a late developmental process that involves a coordinated expression program in germ cells and a permanent communication between the testicular somatic cells and the germ-line. Current knowledge regarding molecular factors driving male germ cell proliferation and differentiation in vertebrates is still limited and mainly based on existing(More)
Rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, is an important aquaculture species worldwide and, in addition to being of commercial interest, it is also a research model organism of considerable scientific importance. Because of the lack of a whole genome sequence in that species, transcriptomic analyses of this species have often been hindered. Using next-generation(More)
The project seeks to identify genes involved in key stages of trout spermatogenesis and their regulation. Within the framework of the French project of farm animal genomics (AGENAE) we produced an original normalised trout testis cDNA library and obtained 1152 trout ESTs corresponding to 967 potential genes. To study the expression of those genes throughout(More)
Fish gonadal sex differentiation is affected by sex steroids treatments providing an efficient strategy to control the sexual phenotype of fish for aquaculture purposes. However, the biological effects of such treatments are poorly understood. The aim of this study was to identify the main effects of an androgen masculinizing treatment(More)