Jérôme Lard

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We present initial design of NextGen flow corridors and provide examples of corridor building blocks. We discuss important factors to consider when designing the shape and dimensions of corridor building blocks. In addition, we use existing procedures for Area Navigation (RNAV) routes as a basis for developing operational procedures to implement flow(More)
Q routes are en route airway routes, between FL180 and FL450, which can be flown by RNAV equipped aircraft capable of conforming to navigation specified by RNAV 2. Q routes, in use since late 2003, provide more direct routing compared to conventional routes, and are intended to reduce flight distance and travel time.
We present HIC (Human-system Interaction Container), a general framework for the integration of advanced interaction in the software development process. We show how this framework allows to reconcile the software development methods (such MDA, MDE) with the architectural models of software design such as MVC or PAC. We illustrate our approach thanks to two(More)
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