Jérôme Gallois

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The aim of the present work was to investigate genotoxicant accumulation and biological responses of zebra mussels and blue mussels collected along a pollution gradient in the Seine estuary and in the Seine Bay. The sampling area included three contaminated and one reference sites for each species. The study focused on polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH),(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine PAH accumulation and bulky DNA adduct formation in the digestive gland of zebra mussels exposed in their habitat or in controlled laboratory conditions to complex mixture of PAH. DNA adducts were measured using a 32P-postlabelling protocol with nuclease P1 enrichment adapted from Reddy and Randerath [Reddy, M.V.,(More)
We describe a case of small-cell lung cancer limited to the thorax but with malignant pleural effusion in a 47-year-old man that was revealed by a nephrotic syndrome due to membranous glomerulonephritis (MGN). Chemotherapy led to a partial tumor response with total resolution of the nephrotic syndrome. Tumor relapse did not provoke proteinuria. Primary lung(More)
Genotoxic impact of the occupational exposure was measured in farmers from Normandy, France. White blood cell DNA-adduct levels were measured for 116 non-smoking French crop farmers, using the (32)P-postlabelling method. A single blood sample was collected per farmer, at a randomised period of the year. Significantly higher bulky DNA-adduct levels were(More)
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