Jérôme Foncel

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INTRODUCTION Reducing the time between the onset of the first symptoms of cancer and the first consultation with a doctor (patient delay) is essential to improve the vital prognosis and quality of life of patients. Longer patient delay is linked to the already known sociodemographic, socioeconomic, socioeducational, sociocultural and socioprofessional(More)
This paper offers interpretative properties of the “fear of ruin” coefficient u/u0 (Aumann and Kurz, 1977, Econometrica). This coefficient controls the behavior of expected utility maximizers towards the risk of losing their entire wealth. It is shown that this coefficient also captures risk-aversion motives in first-price auctions model. Equivalent(More)
Despite the improvement in the care management, women cancer patients who are still in employment find themselves for the most part obliged to stop working while they are having treatment. Their return-to-work probability is impacted by numerous psychosocial factors. The objective is to describe the development and the content of an intervention aimed to(More)
In 2003, the French group Lagardère decided to acquire part of the publishing business of EDITIS, the largest publisher, marketer and distributor of French language books. Lagardère, through its subsidiary HACHETTE Livre, was second in the market. It appeared that the acquisition of the entire EDITIS publishing business would produce a heavily dominant(More)
This paper deals with the forest owner’s attitude towards risk and the harvesting decision in several ways. First, we propose to characterize and quantify the forest owner’s attitude towards risk. Second, we analyze the determinants of the forest owner’s risk attitude. Finally, we determine the impact of the forest owner’s risk attitude on the harvesting(More)
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