Jérôme Extermann

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We present an in-detail description of the design, simulation, fabrication, and packaging of a linear micromirror array specifically designed for temporal pulse shaping of ultrashort laser pulses. The innovative features of this device include a novel comb-drive actuator allowing both piston and tilt motion for phase- and amplitude-shaping, and an X-shaped(More)
We describe the performance of a reflective pulse-shaper based on a Micro-ElectroMechanical System (MEMS) linear mirror array. It represents a substantial upgrade of a preceding release [Opt. Lett. 35, 3102 (2010)] as it allows simultaneous piston and tilt mirror motion, allowing both phase- and binary amplitude-shaping with no wavelength restriction.(More)
We present a technique to characterize ultrashort pulses at the focal plane of a high numerical aperture objective with unprecedented spatial resolution, by performing a FROG measurement with a single nanocrystal as nonlinear medium. This approach can be extended to develop novel phase-sensitive techniques in laser scanning microscopy, probing the(More)
We have applied a multiobjective genetic algorithm to the optimization of multiphoton-excited fluorescence. Our study shows the advantages that this approach can offer to experiments based on adaptive shaping of femtosecond pulses. The algorithm outperforms single-objective optimizations, being totally independent from the bias of user defined parameters(More)
It is generally accepted that structural and functional quantitative imaging of individual islets would be beneficial to elucidate the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes. We here introduce functional optical coherence imaging (FOCI) for fast, label-free monitoring of beta cell destruction and associated alterations of islet vascularisation. NOD mouse and human(More)
We demonstrate the capabilities of a new optical microelectromechanical systems device that we specifically developed for broadband femtosecond pulse shaping. It consists of a one-dimensional array of 100 independently addressable, high-aspect-ratio micromirrors with up to 3 μm stroke. We apply linear and quadratic phase modulations demonstrating the(More)
We demonstrate the excitation of second harmonic radiation of noncentrosymmetric nanoparticles dispersed on a planar optical waveguide by the evanescent field of the guided mode. Polarization imaging reveals information on the orientation of the crystal axis of individual nanoparticles. Interference patterns generated from adjacent particles at the second(More)
We present a 3D time-lapse imaging method for monitoring mitochondrial dynamics in living HeLa cells based on photothermal optical coherence microscopy and using novel surface functionalization of gold nanoparticles. The biocompatible protein-based biopolymer coating contains multiple functional groups which impart better cellular uptake and mitochondria(More)
In diabetes, pancreatic β-cells play a key role. These cells are clustered within structures called islets of Langerhans inside the pancreas and produce insulin, which is directly secreted into the blood stream. The dense vascularization of islets of Langerhans is critical for maintaining a proper regulation of blood glucose homeostasis and is known to be(More)