Jérôme Essig

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Acetabular component malalignment in total hip arthroplasty can lead to potential complications such as dislocation, component impingement and excessive wear. Computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery systems generally use the anterior pelvic plane (APP). Our aim was to investigate the reliability of anatomical landmarks accessible during surgery and to define(More)
We have evaluated 90 consecutive primary cementless ABG II total hip replacements. The bearings combined metal-on-polyethylene in 64 hips, and alumina-on-alumina in 26 hips. At the minimum 8-year follow-up, ten patients had died, seven had been lost to follow-up, two had undergone revision of either or both components, and 68 were still alive and had not(More)
BACKGROUND Component positioning in total hip arthroplasty (THA) is among the primary indicators for longevity and success. Acetabular component positioning has been discussed in literature at length; however, femoral component positioning is also important as it contributes to combined anteversion. METHODS In this study, we examined the changes in(More)
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