Jérôme Crassous

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It has been shown that the flow of a simple liquid over a solid surface can violate the so-called no-slip boundary condition. We investigate the flow of polar liquids, water and glycerol, on a hydrophilic Pyrex surface and a hydrophobic surface made of a Self-Assembled Monolayer of OTS (octadecyltrichlorosilane) on Pyrex. We use a Dynamic Surface Force(More)
We present experiments showing that a granular system of small beads does exhibit ageing properties : its maximum stability angle is measured to increase logarithmically with resting time, i.e., the time elapsed before performing the measure. We show that humidity is the crucial ingredient responsible for this behaviour : while ageing effects are important(More)
We are interested in the propagation of light in a random packing of dielectric spheres within the geometrical optics approximation. Numerical simulations are performed using a ray tracing algorithm. The effective refractive indexes and the transport mean free path are computed for different refractive indexes of spheres and intersticial media. The(More)
We present here a detailed granular flow characterization together with force measurements for the quasi-bidimensional situation of a horizontal cylinder penetrating vertically at a constant velocity in dry granular matter between two parallel glass walls. In the velocity range studied here, the drag force on the cylinder does not depend on the velocity(More)
We present in this Letter experimental results on the bidimensional flow field around a cylinder penetrating into dense granular matter, together with drag force measurements. A hydrodynamic model based on extended kinetic theory for dense granular flow reproduces well the flow localization close to the cylinder and the corresponding scalings of the drag(More)
We study fully developed, steady granular flows confined between parallel flat frictional sidewalls using numerical simulations and experiments. Above a critical rate, sidewall friction stabilizes the underlying heap at an inclination larger than the angle of repose. The shear rate is constant and independent of inclination over much of the flowing layer.(More)
The rotational spectrum of chlorofluoroiodomethane (CHClFI) has been investigated. Because its rotational spectrum is extremely crowded, extensive ab initio calculations were first performed in order to predict the molecular parameters. The low J transitions were measured using a pulsed-molecular-beam Fourier transform spectrometer, and the millimeter-wave(More)
We present a new capacitive sensor for displacement measurement in a Surface Forces Apparatus (SFA) which allows dynamical measurements in the range of 0− 100 Hz. This sensor measures the relative displacement between two macroscopic opaque surfaces over periods of time ranging from milliseconds to in principle an indefinite period, at a very low price and(More)
We propose a model for the propagation of energy due to the impact of a granular projectile on a dense granular medium. Energy is transferred from grain to grain during binary collision events. The transport of energy may then be viewed as a random walk with a split of energy during successive collisions. There is a qualitative and quantitative agreement(More)