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WHO Grade II glioma (low-grade glioma [LGG]) is increasingly diagnosed as an incidental finding in patients undergoing MRI for many conditions. Recent data have demonstrated that such incidental LGGs are progressive tumors that undergo clinical transformation and ultimately become malignant. Although asymptomatic LGG seems to represent an earlier step in(More)
The neural correlates of stuttering are to date incompletely understood. Although the possible involvement of the basal ganglia, the cerebellum and certain parts of the cerebral cortex in this speech disorder has previously been reported, there are still not many studies investigating the role of white matter fibers in stuttering. Axonal stimulation during(More)
Incidental WHO grade II gliomas (low-grade glioma, LGG) are increasingly diagnosed in patients undergoing MRI for many conditions. These patients are classically considered asymptomatic because they do not experience seizures. Although it was previously demonstrated that symptomatic LGG patients frequently have neurocognitive disorders, the literature does(More)
OBJECTIVES To validate the functional relevance of resting state networks (RSNs) by means of a comparison of resting state connectivity (RSC) between language regions elicited by direct cortical stimulation versus RSC between random regions; and to evaluate the accuracy of resting state fMRI in surgical planning by assessing the overlap between RSNs and(More)
Methotrexate represents the standard intrathecal treatment of breast cancer meningeal carcinomatosis. However, its optimal schedule remains undefined. The aim of the present study was to evaluate results obtained with the methotrexate schedule used in Saint-Louis hospital (Paris). Patients followed in Saint-Louis hospital for breast cancer and who received(More)
OBJECTIVE To report the radiologic and functional results of a multicenter, prospective case series of patients with comminuted lumbar fractures treated with 2-stage circumferential arthrodesis. METHODS A multicenter prospective case series of 74 patients with comminuted lumbar fractures was analyzed. The strategy entailed initial posterior(More)
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