Jérôme Bricout

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Nine healthy subjects were studied to determine their performance and the metabolic and hormonal responses to prolonged exercise after ingestion of a carbohydrate or a lipid diet. Subjects exercised on a bicycle ergometer (60% VO2max) until exhaustion four times at weekly intervals. The exercise test was performed 1 h after ingestion of three different(More)
A 7 year-old child with congenital oculomotor apraxia (Cogan's syndrome) presented with mainly voluntary horizontal saccadic movements. Fixation of a visual target could be obtained only by a sudden movement of the head preceded by eyelid blinking. Electro-oculography confirmed the predominant disturbance of saccadic movements (delay in onset, hypometria).(More)
A patient with Paget's disease developed an osteogenic sarcoma of the cranium. This emphasizes the need to conduct full neuroradiological investigations, including a CT scan and even selective arteriography as well as standard radiographs, whenever the possible existence of such a lesion is suspected, to determine therapeutic strategy.
Liquid liquid chromatography was performed with columns packed with stationary phases chemically bonded to silica microparticules. These columns show a high efficiency and are used very easily. Flavouring compounds like aromatic aldehydes which have a low volatility were analyzed in brandy using a polar phase alkylnitrile. Sapid substances like amarogentin(More)