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A double-blind study comparing the effect of zolpidem 10 mg, and placebo, on sleep architecture, nocturnal ventilation, cardiovascular parameters (heart rate, systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressures) was carried out. Ten healthy middle-aged males took part in the study. No significant differences were found between zolpidem and placebo in relation to(More)
Isolated perfused rat kidneys were passively sensitized by addition of either mouse ascitic fluid containing monoclonal IgE against dinitrophenol (DNP) or DNP-specific purified IgE. After washing the organ, defined doses of DNP-bovine serum albumin were given as bolus injection via the kidney artery. Antigen challenge of IgE-sensitized kidneys resulted in a(More)
1. In a double-blind, crossover, placebo controlled trial, zolpidem 10 mg, a new imidazopyridine hypnotic drug, was administered in a single dose to 10 healthy non-obese heavy snorers. 2. Nocturnal polysomnography showed that zolpidem increased total sleep time, sleep efficiency and the percentage of stage 2. 3. Respiratory monitoring showed that zolpidem(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent articles have established a significant relationship between metereology variables and the development of vascular disease. We performed a retrospective study to determine relationships between the development of deep vein thrombosis in the lower limb and certain meteorology variables. MATERIALS AND METHODS We identified 345 cases of(More)
The present study was performed to document factors playing a role in the age-related increase of serum total cholesterol, triglycerides, and phospholipids in male WISTAR rats. In 59 and 122 week old rats, serum concentrations of all three parameters were significantly higher than those determined in younger rats (15-17 weeks of age). Serum triglycerides(More)
Purification of b4-2 sub-peak obtained on DEAE Sephadex A25 chromatography gave us the possibility of quantifying the plasma concentration of the neurotoxin present in uraemic patients with active polyneuropathy. From the purified neurotoxin isolated by kieselguhr and cellulose chromatography we calibrated analytic columns for b4-2 analysis. Plasma(More)