Jérémy Trione

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This paper presents the semantic annotation process of a corpus of spoken conversation transcriptions recorded in the Paris transport authority call-centre. The semantic model used is a FrameNet model developed for the French language. The methodology proposed for the rapid annotation of this corpus is a semi-supervised process where syntactic dependency(More)
This paper describes the results of the Call Centre Conversation Summarization task at Multiling’15. The CCCS task consists in generating abstractive synopses from call centre conversations between a caller and an agent. Synopses are summaries of the problem of the caller, and how it is solved by the agent. Generating them is a very challenging task given(More)
This paper describes a template filling approach for creating conversation summaries. The templates are generated from generalized summary fragments from a training corpus. Necessary pieces of information for filling them are extracted automatically from the conversation transcripts given linguistic features, and drive the fragment selection process. The(More)
In this brief report we present an overview of the MultiLing 2017 effort and workshop, as implemented within EACL 2017. MultiLing is a community-driven initiative that pushes the state-of-the-art in Automatic Summarization by providing data sets and fostering further research and development of summarization systems. This year the scope of the workshop was(More)
Modern TV or radio news talk-shows include a variety of sequences which comply with specific journalistic patterns, including debates, interviews, reports. The paper deals with automatic chapter generation for TV news talk-shows, according to these different journalistic genres. It is shown that linguistic and speaker-distribution based features can lead to(More)
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