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This paper presents the semantic annotation process of a corpus of spoken conversation transcriptions recorded in the Paris transport authority call-centre. The semantic model used is a FrameNet model developed for the French language. The methodology proposed for the rapid annotation of this corpus is a semi-supervised process where syntactic dependency(More)
This paper describes the results of the Call Centre Conversation Summarization task at Multiling'15. The CCCS task consists in generating abstractive synopses from call centre conversations between a caller and an agent. Synopses are summaries of the problem of the caller, and how it is solved by the agent. Generating them is a very challenging task given(More)
Dans ce papier nous traitons des résumés automatiques de conversations parlées spontanées. Pour cela nous utilisons des conversations provenant de cas réels d'appels téléphoniques de centre d'appels issues du corpus DECODA. Nous testons des méthodes extractives classiques utilisées en résumé de texte (MMR) ainsi que des méthodes basées sur des heuristiques(More)
on advancing the state-of-the-art related to summarization and summary evaluation over different languages, genres and settings. We elaborate on the MultiLing focus in the next paragraphs. Multilingual summarization across genres and sources: Summarization has been receiving increasing attention during the last years. This is mostly due to the increasing(More)
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