Jérémy Ohana

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Crystallogenesis, usually based on the vapor diffusion method, is currently considered one of the most difficult steps in macromolecular X-ray crystallography. Due to the increasing number of crystallization assays performed by protein crystallographers, several automated analysis methods are under development. Most of these methods are based on microscope(More)
Iron-peroxide intermediates are central in the reaction cycle of many iron-containing biomolecules. We trapped iron(III)-(hydro)peroxo species in crystals of superoxide reductase (SOR), a nonheme mononuclear iron enzyme that scavenges superoxide radicals. X-ray diffraction data at 1.95 angstrom resolution and Raman spectra recorded in crystallo revealed(More)
Structural proteomics has promoted the rapid development of automated protein structure determination using X-ray crystallography. Robotics are now routinely used along the pipeline from genes to protein structures. However, a bottleneck still remains. At synchrotron beamlines, the success rate of automated sample alignment along the X-ray beam is limited(More)
Microfluidic devices were designed to perform on micromoles of biological macromolecules and viruses the search and the optimization of crystallization conditions by counter-diffusion, as well as the on-chip analysis of crystals by X-ray diffraction. Chips composed of microchannels were fabricated in poly-dimethylsiloxane (PDMS), poly-methyl-methacrylate(More)
Protein crystallography is becoming a popular technique that is routinely used to access structural information. At one end of the process, sample preparation is now facilitated by commercially available crystallization kits. At the other end, structure determination has been made easier by automated software. Data collection, the step in between, is now(More)
A bamboo foam is the simplest case of an ordered foam confined in a narrow channel. It is made of a regular film distribution, arranged perpendicularly to the channel. Our work consists of studying the structural properties of several films taken in a drained foam. X-ray experiments highlighted the equality of the equilibrium thickness for each film within(More)
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