Jérémy Lecoeur

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BACKGROUND Advances in white matter tractography enhance neurosurgical planning and glioma resection, but white matter tractography is limited by biological variables such as edema, mass effect, and tract infiltration or selection biases related to regions of interest or fractional anisotropy values. OBJECTIVE To provide an automated tract identification(More)
In this paper, we present a paradigm for alleviating the challenge of fiber tracking through edematous brain regions. This new framework of fiber tracking is applied to the brain tumor datasets 1, 2 and 3 provided as part of the 3 rd MICCAI DTI Tractography Challenge. Although the data was single shell, b = 1000s/mm 2 , we were able to successfully fit a(More)
The authors report on seven cases of infected iatrogenic lesions of the femoral trifurcation. One case was a false aneurism consecutive to a femoral vein catheterization. In 5 cases an arterial lesion followed angiography according to Seldinger. In the last case aetiology was undetermined. Local symptomatology was always associated to systemic infection.(More)
A case is reported of bronchial rupture due to a Carlens double-lumen tube. A 73 year old male patient was to undergo a double right lower and middle lobectomy for carcinoma. All went well and as expected until 20 min after the start of left-sided unilateral ventilation by way of the double-lumen tube. A sudden increase in the inspiratory pressures led to(More)
A case of common bile duct cyst operated upon in a 2 1/2 year old girl is used as a basic for discussing the forms associated with anomaly of convergence of common bile and wirsung's ducts. The latter, of dysembryoplastic origin, appears to be the cause of this type of cyst. These forms are atypical in that no mass is palpable and they are frequently(More)