Jérémy Lecoeur

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BACKGROUND Advances in white matter tractography enhance neurosurgical planning and glioma resection, but white matter tractography is limited by biological variables such as edema, mass effect, and tract infiltration or selection biases related to regions of interest or fractional anisotropy values. OBJECTIVE To provide an automated tract identification(More)
The authors report their experience of 30 mesenterico-caval anastomoses with prosthetic interposition according to Drapanas's technic. From the point of view of the operative indications, they have never carried out a prophylactic operation. In 19 cases, the operation was carried out as an emergency for inefficacy of the medical treatment. In 11 cases, a(More)
The authors report their experience of isotopic angiography as means of post-operative control in peripheral vascular surgery in 200 cases. This investigation is very simple and non-traumatic. It gives very satisfactory morphological information and a good idea of the hemodynamics of the acts carried out.
The authors report on seven cases of infected iatrogenic lesions of the femoral trifurcation. One case was a false aneurism consecutive to a femoral vein catheterization. In 5 cases an arterial lesion followed angiography according to Seldinger. In the last case aetiology was undetermined. Local symptomatology was always associated to systemic infection.(More)