Jérémy Kister

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The NADPH oxidase (Nox) proteins catalyze the regulated formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which play key roles as signaling molecules in several physiological and pathophysiological processes. ROS generation by the Nox1 member of the Nox family is necessary for the formation of extracellular matrix (ECM)-degrading, actin-rich cellular structures(More)
Kinetically controlled hydroboration of allenes 8 and 14a-d with the readily accessible Soderquist borane 7, which is generated in situ from borohydride 6, constitutes a convenient and preparatively useful method for synthesis of (Z)-gamma-(substituted)allylboranes 9 and 15a-d. These allylboranes undergo highly diastereo- (> or = 90: 10) and(More)
A highly stereoselective synthesis of (E)-1,5-syn-diols 6 is described. The kinetically controlled hydroboration of allenyltrifluoroborate 8 with Soderquist borane 2 provides the (Z)-allylic trifluoroborate 9, which undergoes sequential allylboration with two different aldehydes to provide (E)-1,5-syn-diols 6 in 72-98% yields with >95% ee and >20:1 dr.(More)
Density functional theory and correlated ab initio quantum mechanical methods were used to locate and analyze alkene hydroboration transition structures for 10-R-9-borabicyclo[3.3.2]decane reagents. Transition-state ensembles quantitatively modeled enantioselectivity for hydroboration of cis-, trans-, and gem-disubstituted alkenes in excellent agreement(More)
Interest in the synthesis of the C(23)-C(40) fragment 2 of tetrafibricin prompted us to develop a new method for the synthesis of 1,5-syn-(E)-diols. Toward this end, the kinetically controlled hydroboration of allenes 6, 33, ent-39, 42 and 45 with the Soderquist borane 25R were studied. Tetrabutylammonium allenyltrifluoroborate 45 gave superior results and(More)
An enantio- and diastereoselective synthesis of syn-β-hydroxy-α-vinyl carboxylate esters 3 via the reductive aldol reaction of ethyl allenecarboxylate (2) with 10-trimethylsilyl-9-borabicyclo[3.3.2]decane (1R) has been developed. Density functional theory calculations suggest that the allene hydroboration involves the 1,4-reduction of 2 with the 1R, leading(More)
New conditions for the preparation of trimethylsilyl-protected 2,2,2-trichloromethylcarbinols 2 from aldehydes and ketones are reported. Compounds 2, which are important intermediates in organic synthesis, were obtained in excellent yields by use of a combination of trichloromethyltrimethylsilane (TMSCCl3), and a catalytic amount of sodium formate (HCOONa)(More)
Density functional theory was used to locate transition states for hydroboration reactions of allenes with 9-borabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane and 10-R-9-borabicyclo[3.3.2]decane, as well as transition states for [1,3]-boratropic shift and aldehyde addition reactions of the derived allylboranes. The origin of kinetic versus thermodynamic control in the allene(More)
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