Jérémy Huart

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In this paper, we present a segmentation method that provides perceptually relevant partitions without any a priori knowledge of the image content: first a local homogeneity analysis detects the image areas that have to be segmented. Then segmentation using a similarity criterion is locally performed. At last, segmented regions are grouped using Gestalt(More)
We present a tracking initialization method that combines a rough extraction of moving objects and a refined segmentation of their contours. The extraction of moving objects is obtained with a classical global motion compensation. To obtain accurate contours of the objects, a spatial segmentation is performed with an original localized graph pyramid that(More)
This paper discusses object-based representation of video shots acquired by a moving camera. Our approach uses an extraction of foreground regions capable of representing semantic objects of interest. However, foreground regions extracted by motion compensation are not always representative of the entity they depict. A filtering and a clustering of these(More)
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