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Anatomical models of pregnant women are used in several applications, such as numerical dosimetry, to assess the potential effects of electromagnetic fields on biological tissues, or medical simulation. Recent advances in medical imaging have enabled the generation of realistic and detailed models of human beings. The construction of pregnant woman models(More)
Fetal dosimetry studies require the development of accurate numerical 3D models of the pregnant woman and the fetus. This paper proposes a 3D articulated fetal growth model covering the main phases of pregnancy and a pregnant woman model combining the utero-fetal structures and a deformable non-pregnant woman body envelope. The structures of interest were(More)
This paper analyzes the influence of pregnancy stage and fetus position on the whole-body and brain exposure of the fetus to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. Our analysis is performed using semi-homogeneous pregnant woman models between 8 and 32 weeks of amenorrhea. By analyzing the influence of the pregnancy stage on the environmental whole-body and(More)
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