Jérémie Nussbaumer

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This study establishes a cortical map of the somatosensory periphery of the mouse head, with emphasis on the whisker pad. Data in the literature on the projection of the common hair follicles are confusing, notably the question whether or not this projection is separated from or overlaps with that of the facial vibrissae, the barrelfield. Microelectrode(More)
Loyez' myelin stain sometimes impregnates the perikarya and processes of neurons. This is rare in normal adult mice, but can be provoked by various means including electrical stimulation and mild ischaemia shortly before fixation. Passing a direct current or a train of pulses across the dura of the cerebral cortex produces a patch at the site of stimulation(More)
1. An isolated spinal cord-peripheral nerve preparation of the newborn rat was developed. In this preparation it is possible to record spinal reflexes from a lumbar ventral root in response to stimulation of the ipsilateral saphenous or obturator nerve. 2. Single shock, weak intensity stimulation of the saphenous nerve induced a fast conducted compound(More)
A possible role fore peripheral unmyelinated fibres on the establishment and maintenance of stable receptive fields mediated by myelinated afferents has been studied in the mouse cortical barrelfield. The barrels are cytoarchitectonic units consituting a visible and particularly precise somatotopic map of the facial vibrissae. Barrelfields were mapped(More)
Introduction: Cold temperatures on Mars [1] and a thin atmosphere prevent the occurrence of water in liquid form on the planet. However, sedimentary rocks at Meridiani Terrae show aqueous sedimentation. Catastrophic outgassing due to the Tharsis rise would result in increasing temperature and pressure, enabling water to exist on the surface for short(More)
Diamagnetic levitation of water droplets in air is a promising phenomenon to achieve contactless manipulation of chemical or biochemical samples. This noncontact handling technique prevents contaminations of samples as well as provides measurements of interaction forces between levitating reactors. Under a nonuniform magnetic field, diamagnetic bodies such(More)
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