Jérémie Carlier

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Three species of Mycosphaerella, namely M. eumusae, M. fijiensis, and M. musicola are involved in the Sigatoka disease complex of bananas. Besides these three primary pathogens, several additional species of Mycosphaerella or their anamorphs have been described from Musa. However, very little is known about these taxa, and for the majority of these species(More)
This article focuses on a book that proposes that restriction of free movement of people living with HIV/AIDS is discriminatory and ineffective. The book states that there is no distinction between tourist and migration with respect to protection against HIV/AIDS. In European Union (EU) law, free movement is a basic principle and preventing it may oppose(More)
Between 1998 and 2001 the deaths of 16 Surinamese children were recorded along the Maroni River, which forms the border between Suriname and French Guyana. After a metabolic origin was eliminated, ethnobotanical research in the field led to a hypothesis of intoxication through the ingestion of ackee. Ackee (Blighia sapida) is a large green leafy tree of(More)
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