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Increased risk of severe and resistant anaphylactic shock is a rare and not widely known adverse effect of beta-blocker treatment. It is illustrated in a case of refractory anaphylactic shock occurring in a 47-year-old woman who received beta-blockers. Actually, beta-blockers increase the release of anaphylactic mediators, decrease the cardiovascular(More)
A mild head injury could have played a role in the development of post-myringotomy cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea and otorrhea in an 18-month-old child with Mondini's syndrome. This notion of trauma may prevent exploration of the site of the fistula when these labyrinthic dysplasias are poorly understood. Once suspected, full radiological examination should(More)
The right ventricular ejection fraction is rarely measured, as conventional diagnostic methods (radiology, echocardiography) are confronted with the problem of representing the right ventricle as a simple tridimensional geometrical model. This is not necessary with the radio-isotopic techniques. However, all those used for the measurement of right(More)
Mesencephalic tractotomy employing the stereotaxic method was conducted 12 times in 11 patients with pain due to cervicofacial cancer only partially relieved by high doses of opiates. Immediate results were spectacular in 10 cases and partial on the other 2 occasions. However, relief was not permanent even in patients in whom the greatest improvement was(More)
The posterior manubrial ligament is part of the suspensory ligamentous system of the ossicles, and extends backwards from the posterosuperior spine of the tympanic notch to the postero-internal portion of the manubrium just below the neck of the malleus. It lies in relation to structures in the posterosuperior region of the tympanic barrier to downwards(More)