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In this study, we examine the morphology, mitotic stability, meiotic behavior and the composition of heterochromatin of B chromosomes in Cestrum intermedium and C. strigilatum. The results showed that B chromosome number shows intraindividual variation in the root meristem, which seems to lead to a slight rate of B elimination in this somatic tissue. B(More)
Rice productivity is largely affected by low temperature, which can be harmful throughout plant development, from germination to grain filling. Germination of indica rice cultivars under cold is slow and not uniform, resulting in irregular emergence and small plant population. To identify and characterize novel genes involved in cold tolerance during the(More)
The glacial and interglacial cycles that characterized the Quaternary greatly affected the distribution and genetic diversity of plants. In the Neotropics, few phylogeographic studies have focused on coastal species outside of the Atlantic Rainforest. Climatic and sea level changes during the Quaternary played an important role in the evolutionary history(More)
Quaternary climatic changes led to variations in sea level and these variations played a significant role in the generation of marine terrace deposits in the South Atlantic Coastal Plain. The main consequence of the increase in sea level was local extinction or population displacement, such that coastal species would be found around the new coastline. Our(More)
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