János Wágner

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This paper deals with the role of ontologies in collaborative systems. The research field of collaborative systems and their support by information and communication technologies describes theory called CSCW (computer supported cooperative work). During last few years the CSCW has been evolving and extending, e.g. CSCL (computer supported collaborative(More)
The paper describes selection rules implemented in a software generating "possible reaction mechanism", i.e. a set of elementary reactions chosen from all stoichiometrically possible reactions. The novelty of the approach lies in the fact that the user has to define all species involved (reactants, intermediates, products), and the rules applied with(More)
Automotive safety is an important criterion for consumers, manufacturers and government regulators when considering vehicle design and driver operation. The availability of a driver classification system, based on in-vehicle operating data, offers a useful tool to create a safer transportation environment. In this paper, several mathematical strategies will(More)
This paper presents design, implementation and experimental verification of logging mechanism for collaborative systems that contains separate database for storing the logs of events from the system, communication services between database and examined system and some simple analytical services to provide basic summarized information about saved data. The(More)
Improving the lives of elderly people within suitable ICT solutions in combination with existing social or medical services represents a big challenge for not only public but also private sector. The aim is to provide easily understandable and applicable solutions in order to support their daily activities and to increase their quality of life. Moreover,(More)
Renju is a very old two-player board game with subtle tactics and strategies. It comes from Japan and is a professional variant of Go-Moku. In many countries, such as China, Estonia, Japan, Latvia, Russia, and Sweden, Renju is played on a high level of performance. Compared to Renju, the game of Go-Moku, mainly played in China and Japan, has rather simple(More)
E-learning is increasingly being utilized outside higher and university education and its traditional market. One of such places is the education of the elderly using emerging technologies in effective and conducive ways. Moreover, the development of effective ICT solutions to improve daily life of elderly and disabled people gets more significant concern(More)
The paper addresses the concept of Technology Enhanced Learning, which is in focus of the IT4KT project of the Technical University of Kosice. Namely, we present an approach towards the collaborative design and implementation of semantic structures that are capable to support an automation in selected educational processes, especially in mathematical and(More)
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