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Data in the literature concerning the role of macrophages in anaphylaxis are contradictory. In the present study, the effect of macrophage blockade induced by gadolinium chloride (GdCl3) on anaphylactic shock is investigated. Our observations show that GdCl3 prevents lethal anaphylactic shock in mice sensitized to ovalbumin. Gadolinium chloride given i.v.(More)
AIM To design, manufacture and test a second generation leptin receptor (ObR) agonist glycopeptide derivative. The major drawback to current experimental therapies involving leptin protein is the appearance of treatment resistance. Our novel peptidomimetic was tested for efficacy and lack of resistance induction in rodent models of obesity and appetite(More)
Dorper (DO) is a meat-specialized hair composite breed, intensively selected for growth rates, carcass quality, unselective grazing. The aim of the current comparative study was to evaluate the adaptability and performance of DO breed under Hungarian and Romanian rearing conditions. DO breed was introduced into Hungary to Debrecen University in 2008. Under(More)
The list of orexigenic and anorexigenic peptides, those are known to alter feed intake, is continuously growing. However, most of them are studied in mammalian species. We aimed to investigate plasma level and mRNA expression of the pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP), gene expression of its receptor (PAC1), furthermore the gene(More)
In this study, the quantitative and qualitative traits of semen were studied in seven rams of different breeds (Prolific Merino, Cokanski Tsigai, Barbados Blackbelly, Bábolna Tetra, Awassi, Ile de France and Suffolk), bred in Hungary. The semen parameters (density, volume, pH, mass motility, % motility, thawing and heat resistance), freezability of semen(More)
The effect of supplemental dietary fat on the fatty acid composition of some tissue lipids of rainbow trout fingerlings was studied. Data showed that dietary fatty acids were deposited nearly unchanged in the adipose tissue. The level of eicosapentaenoic acid, however, dropped significantly. Muscle showed remarkable capacity for deposition of dietary fat,(More)
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