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This paper discusses the characteristic air mass types over the Carpathian Basin in relation to plant pollen levels over annual pollination periods. Based on the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts dataset, daily sea-level pressure fields analysed at 00 UTC were prepared for each air mass type (cluster) in order to relate sea-level pressure(More)
Weather and climate risk factors for tourism are surveyed and illustrated with regard to the expected climate changes in Hungary. These changes are not at all advantageous and which affect the business in question both directly and indirectly. These are the summer resort tourism (characterised by bio-climatic indices). Green tourism is the next one to(More)
Weather generators (WG) became significant modules of crop models and decision support systems in the past decade. Using a large meteorological database from North America; two basic problems, related to the applicability of WGs in case of short or lacking data series, were investigated in the framework of the Multivariable weather generator (MVWG). First,(More)
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