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The widespread use of tension free surgical techniques and the modern, tissue-friendly surgical meshes have led to the development of new surgical techniques. The increasing importance of minimal invasive surgery became apparent in abdominal wall reconstructions, too, and their use has been justified by literature data. This procedure combines the(More)
Mucocele is a mucin-filled cavity, which can be multi-loculated as well. Mucocele is relatively rarely found in the appendix. The disease does not cause any symptoms in most cases, and it is usually an accidental finding. A thorough investigation should be carried out to exclude malignancy. Depending on the operative findings and the full histological(More)
A therapy is described in which clients vividly imagine the cognitions that usually trigger their stuttering, and then contingently experience a painful shock. With the cessation of shock, alternate desirable cognitions are imagined that are designed to facilitate fluent speech. A case study illustrating the treatment is presented. Stuttering is compared(More)
If the first surgical intervention for benign euthyroid goiter diseased portion is not totally removed one cannot be certain of the long-term behaviour of the remaining tissue. In one third of these patients there may be a recurrence with new nodules developing, functional disorders or even carcinoma may appear in the remnants. Hormonal activity of the(More)
The authors give a retrospective analysis of the results of 162 biliary operations performed in a five-year period on patients over 70 years of age. The mortality rate of 87 elective operations was 3.45%, of 75 acute operations 6.17%. During the same period 321 ERCPs and 120 ESTs were carried out in patients over 70, out of whom 2 were operated on and lost(More)