Ján Ulicný

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The Lorenz-Mie light scattering is discussed as a tool allowing living cell characterization. The scattered light carries information about the size, shape, internal structure and refractive index of the cell. The advantages of light scattering methods consist in high speed, nondestructive, sensitive and relatively easy measurements. Light scattering(More)
Ultraviolet resonance Raman scattering spectra from aqueous solutions of hypoxanthine and its deuterated species (C8-deuterated, N-deuterated and C8-, N-deuterated derivatives) have been collected and reported in the spectral region between 400 and 1800 cm−1. The laser excitation wavelengths at 281 nm and 257 nm correspond to preresonance and pure resonance(More)
The photochemistry of Urocanic acid, a chromophore present in human skin and linked to photoimmunosuppression and skin cancer, is investigated theoretically by means of time-dependent density functional theory. Extensive calculations are carried out for different ionic, rotameric, and protomeric forms of both the trans and cis form. Inclusion of solvation(More)
Absorption UV-VIS and pre-resonance Raman spectra of acidic cyt c solutions with a series of thiols added (thiophenol, n-propanethiol, isopropanethiol, L-cysteine, dithiothreitol, 2-mercaptoethanol, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, p-acetamidothiophenol, 2-mercaptoethanamine, thioglycolic acid and mercaptopropionic acid), are presented. Interactions of cyt c molecule(More)
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