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This paper deals with graph theory application in large-scale geographical data searching and visualization. We present a comparison of two path-finding algorithms of graph theory, i.e. blind-search and A* algorithm, that results into the selection of the second one for implementation within a geographical information system. The main goal is to process the(More)
Problems of photorealistic rendering are going to a forefront. One of the reasons is pictures with very high resolution, which we can find in science, medical science, chemistry and also widescreen images of geomaping systems. The focus of this article is on the speed of drawing the picture, while it's compared in the network interfaces grid and cluster. in(More)
The architecture of designed intrusion detection system is based on two layer hybrid model for event detection. System function is based on analysis parts of network flow in a real communication and offers processing of this data in a real time. The core of the first layer are detection sensors, which offer base processing based on statistical methods with(More)
In this paper we describe basic architecture and implementation details of DFC-1 research prototype of computer with data driven computation model. The use of Xilinx Spartan 3 PCIe Starter Board FPGA design board and WebPack ISE and ModelSim development software is discussed. DFC-1 computer is in development at the Department of Computers and Informatics,(More)
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