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Thanks to fast development of mobile technologies, it is possible to use modern mobile phones for different purposes and in areas for which they weren't primarily intended. For example: entertainment, spreading information and so on. This paper deals with application for mobile technologies in process of learning in the form of so called mobile learning or(More)
This paper presents educational content of the vocational education and education at all as a broad information system. The authors point out the absence of formalization in educational content notation analysis and design on the contrary of other fields, where modeling plays irreplaceable role. For modeling this information system they use Unified Modeling(More)
The occurrence of design smells or anti-patterns in software models complicate development process and reduce the software quality. The contribution proposes an extension to Similarity Scoring Algorithm and Bit-vector Algorithm, originally used for design patterns detection. This paper summarizes both original approaches, important differences between(More)
Significant trend in software development is oriented mainly on distributed systems. One of the main problems in the current world of information technologies is the ever-increasing amount of digital data and complexity of problems that are being solved. In such conditions, developing a distributed system that needs to response promptly, can be very(More)
Purposeful learning takes place by virtue of student's psychical activity. It can't exist without it. This activity primarily activates the state of motivation. The motivation is one of the most important factors of an education process and it is an inevitable part of that educational process. Nowadays, information systems are becoming a part and abutment(More)
This paper presents a procedure for performing predictive analysis of complex events occurrence in time-critical complex event processing systems. Complex event processing (CEP) is one of the three basic styles of event processing, which involve the detection and identification of dependencies in the sequences of selected events from various sources. CEP(More)
The paper deals with a development of a Mobile Vote Application (MVA), for platform called Dalvik - virtual machine which runs on mobile operating system Android integrated in many end-devices The focus of the application is to extend the functionality of the mobile device which can be used instead of voting systems' remote parts. The main goal of the(More)
Software is not only difficult to create, but it is also difficult to understand. Even the authors themselves in a relatively short time become unable to readily interpret their own code and to explain what intent they have followed by it. Software is being created with the goal to satisfy the needs of a customer or directly of the end users. Out of these(More)
Large volumes of incoming messages or events - in multiple streams - processing can be time-critical and strategically important. Crucial and often not so simple is the decision making over such data. This paper presents a generalized solution proposal for systems running without interruption (at run-time) based on Complex Event Processing (CEP) - by(More)