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Hemodynamic data were analyzed from 25 courses of intravenous pulse labetalol therapy for postoperative hypertension in 12 patients after major vascular surgeries. The hemodynamic determinations were obtained an average of 15 minutes after a therapeutic total dose of 10-120 mg of labetalol (mean, 37.5 mg). The mean arterial pressure (MAP) decreased an(More)
We divide the set of all diatonic scales into three classes P,G,R, the intersection of which contains the major diatonic scale. The class G contains Gypsy scales, the class P – Pythagorean heptatonic, and the class R – Redfield Scale. The paper could be of interest for the music theorists, mathematicians, as well as producers of modern key music(More)
I. Dobrakov introduced in [2] a notion of submeasure defined on a ring of sets. This submeasure type is now known as the Dobrakov submeasure. In this paper we will develop some limit techniques to create new Dobrakov submeasures from the old ones in the case when elements of the ring R are subsets of the real line. 1 Examples of Dobrakov net submeasures In(More)
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