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The Free-Wilson QSAR model in the Fujita-Ban modification was used to calculate the quantitative substituent activity contributions to the toxicity against Euglena gracilis in a series of 91 benzothiazolium salts. An important increase of activity was found for R1 = styryl or SCH2C6H5 group and for R2 = propargyl or allyl group. The substituents on benzene(More)
The effects of 41 benzothiazolium salts onEuglena gracilis were characterized with regard to the influence on growth and on chlorophyll synthesis, and to their ability to induce permanent loss of chloroplasts. Some salts induced white mutants ofE. gracilis (the first benzothiazole derivatives with this activity). The relationship between the biological(More)
The paper describes the potential of a 2D laser scanner and a very accurate SPAN (Synchronized Position Attitude Navigation) navigation combination in a mobile measurement platform constructed by our department. The laser scanner captures raw data of the environment and SPAN estimates the actual position. Thanks to the high level of exactness of cooperation(More)
This paper presents stipulation of cooperation intensifying operations on the supranational, public and private level as in Opticities project, which is a cooperation of 6 European cities implementing ITS systems. Namely: Madrid, Lyon, Birmingham, Turin, Gothenburg, Wroclaw and research and development units. The main task and goal for Wroclaw will be a(More)
The paper presents a methodological approach used by the authors in the process of design of a knowledge base for the domain related to measurement of different pavement characteristics. As the main representation formalism a rule is considered. Individual steps taken in the process of knowledge discovery in data are discussed. The process is demonstrated(More)
This paper presents an approach adopted by the authors to designing a system used for creating a 3D model of road communication. Measurements of the environment have been executed using the mobile measurement platform that consists of two laser measurement systems (2D scanners), high accuracy position navigation (SPAN Synchronized Position Attitude(More)
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