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The paper focuses on the current problem of cryptographic load influence on message transmission within V2V communication in VANETs (Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks) in relation to cooperative intelligent transport systems. In the experimental part actual data gathered from the D1 highway is used to model distinct traffic scenarios for several digital signatures(More)
Over the years 1983-1988 cardiosurgical procedures with extracorporeal circulation without catheterization of the heart were indicated in 191 patients, representing 19.8% of all the patients operated on at extracorporeal circulation (n--962). Indications for surgery were made on the basis of the clinical state of the patient and of the results of(More)
In the paper the authors deal with problems of security mechanism in ZigBee network and their analysis and testing in laboratory condition. The realization part is focused on network design with application orientated to smart house, description of network communication, and testing security mechanism of ZigBee network. Authors realised several attacks and(More)
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