Ján Buleca

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1Selye University in Komárno, Faculty of Economics, Bratislavská 3322, 945 01 Komárno, Slovakia 2Technical University, Faculty of Economics, Němcovej 32, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia 3Slovak University of Agriculture, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra, Slovakia 4Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Faculty of(More)
Genetic variation at six microsatellite loci was analysed for five Thoroughbred subpopulations to determine the magnitude of genetic differentiation and the genetic relationships among the subpopulations. Significant deviations from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium were shown for a number of locus-population combinations, with all subpopulations. The genetic(More)
The study investigated the effects of diet supplementation with 1% clove flower buds powder combined with either 0.2% lemon balm extract or 0.2% agrimony extract (each of the two pulverized extracts supplied through drinking water) on body weight of broilers, total feed intake, feed conversion ratio and the carcass yield, activity of superoxide dismutase(More)
Genetic variability and relationships among five cattle breeds (Holstein, Pinzgau, Limousin, Slovak Spotted and Charolais) bred in the Slovak Republic were investigated separately using 11 microsatellite markers and 61 blood group systems. Allele frequency, heterozygosity (Ho, HE) and PIC values were investigated. F-statistics were computed separately. For(More)
The aim of presented study was estimation of genetic relationship within and between 3 mentioned pig breeds bred in the Slovak Republic. Genetic variability at 10 microsatellite loci (SW24, SO107, SO068, SW936, sw353, so386, so355, sw72, tnfb, and SO070) was analysed in 412 pigs of Landrace, Yorkshire and Slovak White Improved breeds. Variation amount of(More)
The influence of hormonal superovulatory preparations Folistiman (450 IU FSH, Spofa, Prague) and serum gonadotropin (1500 IU PMSG, Spofa, Prague) on monoamine oxidase (MAO), the degradative enzyme of catecholamines, was investigated in some areas of the brain regulating reproductive functions (area preoptica of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and pineal(More)
Concentrations of calcium, inorganic phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium were observed in the blood serum of beef bullocks after their transfer from winter feed ration to grazing and in the successive grazing cycles within two years. Blood samples were taken by puncture from the vena jugularis from the identical six bullocks. In the first year of(More)
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