Ján Škultéty

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INTRODUCTION Pancreatoduodenectomy is an extensive procedure carrying risk of a number of postoperative complications. Of these the most common are surgical site infections (SSI), bleeding, delayed gastric emptying, and anastomotic leakage. However, the most serious complications are ones, that are rare, clinically hardly diagnosed, and if untreated,(More)
BACKGROUND Abdominal wall defects result from trauma, abdominal wall tumors, necrotizing infections or complications of previous abdominal surgeries. Apart from cosmetics, abdominal wall defects have strong negative functional impact on the patients.Many different techniques exist for abdominal wall repair. Most problematic and troublesome are defects,(More)
All intraabdominal forms of recurrence of colorectal carcinoma, other than metastases in the liver, are considered a locoregional treatment failure. Maximum frequency of local recurrence of CRC occurs in the first two years following the initial potentially curative resection. Intensive follow-up in this period is therefore reasonable. It should be based on(More)
The model reference control based on modified Laguerre network is an open-loop control structure; therefore it has to be modified to ensure the disturbance rejection. In the paper a new modification using the closed loop with integrator is proposed. This Laguerre-based model reference control algorithm is compared with the control structure augmented by(More)
It is not so much the diagnosis that offers the surgeon a wide range of opportunities in the technical solutions of rectal prolapse. Currently there are at least 130 different techniques used in the surgical treatment of rectal prolapse and in fact none of these procedures has been shown most effective for any one patient. In this study, our intent is to(More)
Authors quoted some own results and experience with using pharmacology define medicine of enteral nutrition feeding served by puncheon jejunostoming in case of difficult malnutrition caused especially by septical condition and also after larger operation of throat and stomach. They stated, that enteral feeding apply into the upper part of jejuna with thin(More)
Gastric diverticula represent a rare pathological condition. They are usually asymptomatic and are often found only by accident during radiologic or endoscopic examination, or during autopsy. Their incidence is low and evenly distributed between men and women. Gastric diverticula are most frequently located on the posterior wall of the cardia and on the(More)
Intra-abdominal hypertension (IAH) contributes to organ dysfunction and leads to the development of the abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS). IAH and ACS are relatively frequent findings in patiens with severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) and are associated with deterioration in organ functions. The most affected are cardiovascular, respiratory and renal(More)