Izumi Motoyama

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The effects of 5-isopropyl 3-methyl 2-cyano-1,4-dihydro-6-methyl-4-(m-nitrophenyl)-3,5-pyridinedicarboxylate (nilvadipine, FR 34235, FK 235) on the cardiovascular system were investigated in isolated organs and whole animals. 1. Nilvadipine inhibited Ca2+-induced contractions of isolated dog coronary artery in high-K+, Ca2+-free medium, and the pA2 value(More)
An 18-year-old girl with virilization and an elevated level of serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) was found to have a Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor (SLCT) of the ovary. The tumor had a heterologous element of gastrointestinal type epithelium, retiform pattern, and multilocular cysts, many of which were lined by Sertoli-like cells. Alpha-fetoprotein was detected(More)
An ultralow refractive index is very advantageous when one designs antireflective coatings. We successfully obtained high-quality MgF2 thin films with ultralow refractive indices from autoclaved sols prepared from magnesium acetate and hydrofluoric acid. The MgF2 films consist of nanosized particles, and they have high laser-exposure durability at 193 nm.(More)
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