Izumi Miyazaki

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We studied 14 cases with brain stem glioma. Five cases in 7 malignant gliomas showed large central necrosis in CT scans. The central necrosis neighboring the surface of the pons or the fourth ventricle was removed with CO2-LASER and cavitron ultrasonic aspirator (necrotomy) and a few pellets were given in the residual tumor in four cases. Three cases showed(More)
The prognosis of 185 patients who underwent surgical resection of small carcinomas of less than 2.0 centimeters (T1) of the pancreas in whom either standard or extended resection was used was analyzed. Pancreatic resection was performed upon 98.3 percent of the patients who were more than 49 years old. The location of the tumor was the head of the pancreas(More)
Demyelinating disease in children is known to be relatively rare. We report three cases defined as Devic's disease, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, and multiple sclerosis. Follow-up studies of pattern appearance-disappearance visual evoked cortical potentials (VECPs) and pattern reversal steady state VECPs were performed. Results showed delays of(More)
Optic neuritis in childhood caused by demyelinating disease is very rare, and its effect on visual function has not been well documented. The visual function of 11 patients treated in the last 11 years was retrospectively studied and the results were compared with 15 cases of optic neuritis of unknown etiology. Optic neuritis in children with demyelinating(More)
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