Izumi Ito

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—We present a theoretical analysis of one-time key based phase scrambling for image matching using phase-only correlation (POC). Phase scrambling is used for visual information protection of templates. The effect of scrambling on POC values is analyzed. As a result, the peak value, which is used as a measure of signal congruence, of the POC between(More)
We propose two fitting functions for shift estimation using discrete cosine transform sign phase correlation (DCT-SPC) with non-integer accuracy. The DCT-SPC can be used in order to estimate the shift values and the similarity between two signals. However, the estimated shift values are limited to integer numbers. The proposed fitting functions enable the(More)
We propose an image matching method using one-time key based phase scrambling. The phase scrambling is used for protection of the original information of templates visually in order to secure privacy. In the proposed method, a key is used to scramble an image once, but the key is not required in the image matching. An appropriately determined key allows(More)