Iztok Savnik

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The main motivation for the development of a query algebra of complex objects QAL is the study of the operations needed to query the structural aspects of object-oriented databases which are due to the advantages of the object-oriented database model over conventional relational and functional database models. The basic operations of the QAL query algebra(More)
Discovery of multivalued dependencies from database relations is viewed as a search in a hypothesis space de ned according to the generalisation relationship among multivalued dependencies Two algorithms for the dis covery of multivalued dependencies from relations are presented The top down algorithm enumerates the hypotheses from the most general to more(More)
A new data structure set-trie for storing and retrieving sets is proposed. Efficient manipulation of sets is vital in a number of systems including datamining tools, object-relational database systems, and rule-based expert systems. Data structure set-trie provides efficient algorithms for set containment operations. It allows fast access to subsets and(More)
  • 1995
A general framework of the Sequential Diagnosis Tool that is currently under development in the Computer Systems Department at the Jooef Stefan Institute is presented in this paper. The tool can be used as an experimental environment for the analysis of solutions of the test sequencing problem. For example, changes of decision trees and their costs as a(More)
The algebra for distributed data sources includes standard operations on sets which evolved from the relational and nested-relational algebras, the operations for querying the conceptual schemata, and the operations which allow for the manipulation of distributed objects. The algebra serves as the basis for the prototype implementation of the query(More)