Iztok Kavkler

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RZ is a tool which translates axiomatizations of mathematical structures to program specifications using the realizability interpretation of logic. This helps programmers correctly implement data structures for computable mathematics. RZ does not prescribe a particular method of implementation, but allows programmers to write efficient code by hand, or to(More)
In the paper an approach to analysis of the structure of repositories based on network analysis is proposed. The repository metadata can be transformed into several (one-mode or two-mode) networks. Using the methods of network analysis interesting substructures in these networks can be detected. The proposed approach is illustrated with some analyses of SIO(More)
— One of the most interesting problems in transportation networks is the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). Given a set of goods, a transportation network with delivery locations and a fleet of transportation vehicles the goal is to carry out deliveries from the central storage facility to all customers incurring minimal costs and subject to certain additional(More)
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