Izidor Alfirević

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Errors that occur in conventional measurement instruments connected to a pitot-static system affect the accuracy and reliability of indicating the basic navigation elements required for the safety of flight. This paper is to present the manner and methods of preparing and implementing experimental measurements in order to determine the stochastic and(More)
The accurate prediction of ship resistance in waves is nowadays of increased importance since it greatly influences ship performance regarding sustainable service speed and fuel consumption in seaways. Added resistance is considered as the longitudinal component of the second order mean force acting on a ship in waves and can be calculated from the first(More)
Errors in navigational instruments can significantly affect flight safety. Airspeed is a key piece of navigational data that depends on accurately measured air pressure, which in turn depends on accurately measured air temperature. Instead of measuring the outside air temperature in real time, cockpit instruments are preprogramed with standard air(More)
In a prospective study on 35 wounded persons we examined the effects of ozone on howwell split-thickness skin grafts took in war wounds. Each of the 35 wounded persons hat at least two similar gunshot wounds, one on the lower leg or forearm and the other on the upper leg or upper arm. During the first 10 days all wounds were treated with 10% NaCl water(More)
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