Izhar Ul Haq

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Edge detection has beneficial applications in the fields such as machine vision, pattern recognition and biomedical imaging etc. Edge detection highlights high frequency components in the image. Edge detection is a challenging task. It becomes more arduous when it comes to noisy images. This study focuses on fuzzy logic based edge detection in smooth and(More)
  • Izhar Haq, Ul, Masood, Tariq, Ahmad, Robert Harrison +5 others
  • 2011
Copyright and reuse: The Warwick Research Archive Portal (WRAP) makes this work of researchers of the University of Warwick available open access under the following conditions. Copyright © and all moral rights to the version of the paper presented here belong to the individual author(s) and/or other copyright owners. To the extent reasonable and(More)
The spectrum utilization is a function of time and location. Hence, at different times and locations the utilization of spectrum might be different. The TV band 52-862 MHz has been the most crucial frequency band in Pakistan that remains unoccupied most of the time. The unoccupied frequency chunks in the TV band are termed as TV White Spaces (TVWS). In this(More)
In the paper titled " Experimental Study of Direct Laser Deposition of Ti-6Al-4V and Inconel 718 by Using Pulsed Parameters " one name of the authors was incorrectly written as " Sikander Khan " and is corrected as above.
—Edge detection is low level image processing tool and has useful applications in the field of pattern recognition and machine vision. A fuzzy logic based edge detection algorithm is proposed in this paper, to detect edges in gray scale images. Fuzzy logic is very helpful in edge detection because it can handle the problem of decision making in partially(More)
Laser direct metal deposition (LDMD) has developed from a prototyping to a single metal manufacturing tool. Its potential for creating multimaterial and functionally graded structures is now beginning to be explored. This work is a first part of a study in which a single layer of Inconel 718 is deposited on Ti-6Al-4V substrate. Single layer tracks were(More)
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