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Universities in a competitive global marketplace
Purpose – The purpose of this systematic review was to explore the nature of the marketing of higher education (HE) and universities in an international context. The objectives of the review were to:
The principalship in developing countries: context, characteristics and reality
This article seeks to shed light on the contexts and characteristics of principalship in developing countries, as well as to examine similarities and differences between principals in developed and
Going Beyond Role Expectations: Toward an Understanding of the Determinants and Components of Teacher Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Purpose: To fill the gap in theoretical and empirical knowledge on the patterns of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) in school, the aim of this study was to explore the components of teacher
Women in educational administration within developing countries
Purpose – This paper seeks to set the stage for the exploration of female leadership in educational systems within developing countries by reviewing the current research on women in educational
University choice: what do we know, what don’t we know and what do we still need to find out?
– The purpose of this paper is to systematically document, scrutinise and critically analyse the current research literature on higher education choice to: establish the scope of the studies; map the
Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Teaching: The Consequences for Teachers, Pupils, and the School.
Purpose – Professionals and employees have been documented to perform a wide variety of extra‐role activities (also called organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB)) for which they are neither paid,
Mentoring Novice Teachers: Motives, Process, and Outcomes from the Mentor's Point of View
The purpose of this paper is to present the major motives leading senior teachers to be involved in a mentoring process of newly appointed teachers and its benefits for the mentor teacher. Based on
The field of educational administration: A historical overview of scholarly attempts to recognize epistemological identities, meanings and boundaries from the 1960s onwards
Purpose – Based on journal articles that focused on epistemological issues in the field (e.g. the field's nature, purposes, borders, knowledge base, uniqueness, etc.), this paper seeks to outline the
Market orientation in universities: A comparative study of two national higher education systems
Purpose – The paper's purpose is to test: whether there are significant differences between England and Israel, in terms of perceptions of market orientation (MO) in higher education (HE); which MO