Izhar D Medalsy

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Knowing the dynamic mechanical response of tissue, cells, membranes, proteins, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates to external perturbations is important to understand various biological and biotechnological problems. Atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based approaches are the most frequently used nanotechnologies to determine the mechanical properties of(More)
A current challenge in the life sciences is to understand how biological systems change their structural, biophysical and chemical properties to adjust functionality. Addressing this issue has been severely hampered by the lack of methods capable of imaging biosystems at high resolution while simultaneously mapping their multiple properties. Recent(More)
Microvilli are a common structure found on epithelial cells that increase the apical surface thus enhancing the transmembrane transport capacity and also serve as one of the cell's mechanosensors. These structures are composed of microfilaments and cytoplasm, covered by plasma membrane. Epithelial cell function is usually coupled to the density of(More)
The structure and properties of amyloid-like Tau fibrils accumulating in neurodegenerative diseases have been debated for decades. Although the core of Tau fibrils assembles from short β-strands, the properties of the much longer unstructured Tau domains protruding from the fibril core remain largely obscure. Applying immunogold transmission EM, and(More)
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