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The partial charge transfer technique can expand the dynamic range of a CMOS image sensor by synthesizing two types of signal, namely the long and short accumulation time signals. However the short accumulation time signal obtained from partial transfer operation suffers of non-linearity with respect to the incident light. In this paper, an analysis of the(More)
March tests have been widely used for detecting functional faults during SRAM testing. Recent development has extended the March test for diagnostic purpose to locate and identify the fault types. This paper analyses March algorithms for detection and diagnosis of Stuck-At Faults (SAFs) and Transition Faults (TFs). Unfortunately, the algorithms under(More)
A Delay-Locked Loop (DLL) with a modified charge pump circuit is proposed for generating high-resolution linear delay steps with sub-picosecond jitter performance and adjustable delay range. The small-signal model of the modified charge pump circuit is analyzed to bring forth the relationship between the DLL's internal control voltage and output time delay.(More)
A review on CMOS delay lines with a focus on the most frequently used techniques for high-resolution delay step is presented. The primary types, specifications, delay circuits, and operating principles are presented. The delay circuits reported in this paper are used for delaying digital inputs and clock signals. The most common analog and(More)
Although CMOS Time-of-Flight Range Image Sensors have been recently realized, the fabrication process is modified by inserting an extra mask layer to allow efficient TOF dependent charge transfer. This work focuses on the selection procedure of amplifiers to be used in the design of the TOF pixel using the standard CMOS process. From our analysis, it is(More)