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Anesti Kondili MD, Djamaleddine Nibouche MD, Karlen Adamyan MD, Kurt Huber MD, Hugo Ector MD, Izet Masic MD, Rumiana Tarnovska MD, Mario Ivanusa MD, Vladimír Stane k MD, Jørgen Videbaek MD, Mohamed Hamed MD, Alexandras Laucevicius MD, Pirjo Mustonen MD, Jean-Yves Artigou MD, Ariel Cohen MD, Mamanti Rogava MD, Michael Böhm MD, Eckart Fleck MD, Gerd Heusch(More)
Peter Mills,a Adam Timmis,b Kurt Huber,c Hugo Ector,d Patrizio Lancellotti,c Izet Masic,c Mario Ivanusa,c Loizos Antoniades,c Michael Aschermann,c Jørgen Videvæk,c Aleksandras Laucevicius,c Pirjo Mustonen,c Jean-Yves Artigou,c Panos Vardas,e Christodoulos Stefanadis,c Massimo Chiariello,c Leonardo Bolognese,c Guiseppe Ambrosio,f Ernst E. van der Wall,c(More)
INTRODUCTION Drug addiction is one of the most prominent problems in many countries in transition, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. Age limit of drug addiction is shifted to the younger age groups, especially is troubling the increase in number of injection drug users. Our study was aimed to investigate the habits, attitudes and practices related to drug(More)
The time in which we live is defined by the significant influence of the information technologies on our lives, changes and development of society and the efficacy of all the organization systems. Increase and development of distance learning (DL) technologies over the past decade has exposed the potential and the efficiency of new technologies. Number of(More)
INTRODUCTION Beginning with the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, the Internet was a significant additional tool in the education of teenagers. Later, it takes more and more significant role in educating students and professionals. GOAL The aim of this paper is to investigate, to what extent and how effectively the Internet is used today by(More)
INTRODUCTION The most common clinical sign in pediatric cardiology is a heart murmur (organic and inorganic). Organic are sign of heart disease, while inorganic (basically divided into accidental and functional) murmurs occur on anatomically healthy heart. AIM To determine the justification of the application of the methods of cardiac treatment. (More)
Advances in medicine in recent decades are in significant correlation with the advances in the information technology. Modern information technologies (IT) have enabled faster, more reliable and comprehensive data collection. These technologies have started to create a large number of irrelevant information, which represents a limiting factor and a real(More)
This year in Bosnia and Herzegovina we celebrate three great healthcare jubelees: hundred and thirty five years of Turkish military hospital (nowadays General hospital) in Sarajevo (founded in June 1866) and the First Property of a Muslim religious hospital in Sarajevo (founded in October 1866), and fifty five years of the Medical faculty of the University(More)
INTRODUCTION The U.S. pharmaceutical industry is defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as "companies engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of medicines and biological for human or veterinary use". Besides its main role in improving human health, the US pharmaceutical industry represents one of the most critical, key decision makers'(More)