Izaya Nishimuta

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Eighty-five coronary artery patients examined using an ambulatory electrocardiogram-respiration monitoring system (AERMS) in which a respiratory sensor was strapped to the right upper abdominal wall. Apnea was defined as a cessation of abdominal wall movement lasting at least 10 sec. Sleep-related breathing disorder (SRBD) was diagnosed if at least 30(More)
This paper presents a robot quizmaster that has auditory functions (i.e., ears) for moderating a multiplayer quiz game. The most basic form of oral interaction in a quiz game is that a quizmaster reads aloud a question, and each player is allowed to answer it whenever the answer comes to his or her mind. A critical problem in such oral interaction is that(More)
This paper presents a novel Bayesian method that can directly recognize overlapping utterances without explicitly separating mixture signals into their independent components in advance of speech recognition. The conventional approach to contaminated speech recognition in real environments uniquely extracts the clean isolated signals of individual sources(More)
This paper presents an interactive humanoid robot that can moderate a multi-player fastest-voice-first-type quiz game by leveraging state-of-the-art robot audition techniques such as sound source localization and separation and speech recognition. In this game, a player who says “Yes” first gets a right to answer a question, and players are allowed to barge(More)
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